Right on time, here’s the scouting report from the #BlueGreyFootball All-American Combine (Heartland Regional).

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: Heartland Regional Scouting Report

In a return to his old stomping grounds, it came as no surprise that NFL veteran Mark McMillian was welcomed with open arms at the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (Heartland Regional).

The nearly 10-year former pro, after all, spent some of his finals days on the gridiron with the Kansas City Chiefs and the workout was held at the team’s training facility in St. Joseph (MO).

Once there, and with all the well-wishes finished, it was time to get down to business and McMillian served as lead instructor to many of the top prospects from that part of the country.

What follows, naturally, is a closer look at several of the individuals who made an impact on the powers that be, namely McMillian, Missouri alum Trey Hobbs, along with the brand’s staff.

Brody Parker, QB, Blue Springs South (MO): The 6-foot-5 and 230-pound junior, with interest from the Big 12 Conference, is destined to play in the brand’s All-American Bowl.

Jayden Scott, QB, Concordia (NE): South Dakota State is apparently fan of the 6-4 and 215-pound junior. There’s been some dialogue in the past between him and Nebraska, as well.

Billy Maples, QB, Park Hill (MO): The 6-3 and 220-pound junior was contacted by Northern Iowa and South Dakota, and now, it will be interesting to see how the process plays out.

Phillip Brooks, RB, Lee’s Summit West (MO): The future is bright for the 5-9 and 165-pound junior who has talked with teams in the Big 10 Conference, as well as the Big 12 Conference.

Ivan Webb, RB, Schlage (KS): The 5-11 and 190-pound junior was spirited, talkative some might say. Still, he backed up the words. Northern Iowa and South Dakota are in the mix.

Bryce French, RB, St. Charles Lutheran (MO): Illinois State is in on the conversation for the 5-9 and 184-pound junior. Whether an offer materializes remains to be seen, however.

Triston Campbell, RB, Central (MO): The 6-2 and 220-pound junior is a load to bring down and has good hands. Seemingly close to a complete package, Air Force could be an option.

Reese Sila, RB, Shawnee Mission North (KS): The 5-11 and 210-pound junior caught the attention of the coaching staff with his footwork. So did Trystan Isley from Nickerson (KS).

Ethan Swanegan, WR, Blue Springs South (MO): Iowa and Kansas State have kept tabs on the 6-5 and 205-pound junior. His next stop is playing in the brand’s All-American Bowl.

Dominic Gicinto, WR, Raytown (MO): The 5-9 and 167-pound junior created quite a buzz during skills testing. No surprise, it was more of the same when the one-on-ones started.

Daniel Jackson, WR, Bishop Miege (MO): A year, or two, from now, perhaps sooner, the 6-foot and 175-pound freshman will be a name to remember. You heard it here first.

Jake Brown, WR, Blue Valley (KS): The 6-1 and 180-pound junior made memorable plays. Suppose that best explains why there’s been a decent amount of contact with Kansas.

Chris Hampson, WR, Liberty North (MO): Big and strong, no one was more physical than the 6-2 and 205-pound junior. Furthermore, he showed skills at linebacker, to boot.

J.C. Watson, WR, Basehor-Linwood (KS): The 5-11 and 170-pound junior held his own. Connor Gallagher from Francis Howell North (MO) and Aaron Ludders from Carl Junction (MO), too.

Dustin Faragher, WR, Gasconade County (MO): The 6-foot and 205-pound junior did well, with Blake Wittman from Jersey Community (IL) and Cole De Los Santos from McDonald (MO).

Jordan Murray, TE, Lee’s Summit North (MO): Looking the part, and playing the part most times, the 6-4 and 210-pound junior commanded attention. From start to finish, no less.

Jack Parks, TE, Olathe Northwest (KS): The 6-5 and 233-pound junior has talked with Southern Illinois. Jacob Schmitz from Kapaun Mt. Carmel (KS) deserved a mention, as well.

Scott Valentas, DB, Kapaun Mt. Carmel (KS): No one in the secondary impressed McMillian more than 6-3 and 185-pound sophomore. He possesses plenty of upside, no doubt about it.

Adrian Davis, DB, Kickapoo (MO): The 5-10 and 160-pound junior was fast. Even better, he was fearless. Regardless of the opponent, maximum effort was given in this setting.

Myles Craddock, DB, Lee’s Summit North (MO): Contact made the 5-9 and 207-pound junior perfom better on the big stage. Physicality was his calling card, rest assured.

Mikhail Sands, DB, Prairie View (CO): The 5-8 and 140-pound junior was eager to prove himself, and when it mattered most, he delivered two interceptions during one-on-ones.

Tyrone Moore, DB, Washington (KS): A competitor, the 5-9 and 170-pound junior opened eyes, as did Marshaun Zachary from Raytown (MO) and Curt Gracey from Ozark (MO).

Jordan Guilfoy, LB, St. John Vianney (MO): The 6-2 and 200-pound junior recently landed his first offer from Western Illinois. Another team in the running is Illinois State.

Jake Archer, LB, Skutt Catholic (NE): North Dakota State has seen something it likes in the 6-1 and 200-pound junior. South Dakota and South Dakota State are in the same boat.

Gunner Todorovich, LB, Papillion La Vista South (NE): The 6-1 and 220-pound junior is no stranger to this kind of environment and turned heads for the second consectutive year.

Giovanni Franklin, LB, Liberty (MO): The 6-2 and 225-pound junior has a high ceiling, along with Collin Nichols from Tory-Buchanan (MO) and Brock Herrold from Ozark (MO).

Ben Becker, OL, Park Hill South (MO): Missouri and Kansas State are interested in the 6-4 and 280-pound junior. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers a scholarship.

Brendan Schlittler, OL, Eureka (MO): The 6-5 and 280-pound junior was a force to be reckon with down deep in the trenches. Illinois State seems to be well aware of that fact.

Brenden McClure, OL, North County (MO): Southern Illinois is one of many schools taking a long look at the 6-6 and 240-pound junior. Rightfully so after his effort here.

Tyler Waggoner, OL, Kickapoo (MO): The 6-5 and 220-pound junior flashed several times, as did Owen Leible from Jackson (MO) and Joseph Bryant from Cameron (MO).

Daniel Ostrovskiy, OL, Francis Howell North (MO): The 6-3 and 305-pound junior did well. Same goes for Cody Lanning from Ozark (MO) and Tyler Pitzl from Douglas County West (KS).

Joshua Davis, DL, Lee’s Summit North (MO): No one, or so it seemed, had an answer for the 6-3 and 207-pound junior. He was disruptive, safe to say, and won’t soon be forgotten.

Nick Wortham, DL, Fort Zumwalt East (MO): The 6-3 and 315-pound junior could emerge as legit recruit with continued improvement, with Nickolas Kruse from Harrisonville (MO).

Korbin Scott, DL, Smith-Cotton (MO): A potent one-two tandem, the 6-4 and 230-pound junior teamed up with William Anoai from Kickapoo (MO) to cause many problems.

Editor’s Note: Those who did well at this workout, in time, could be invited to one of the brand’s All-American Bowls held at NFL stadium and nationally broadcast on ESPN’s family of networks.

The games take place at Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Raymond James Stadium, Jacksonville Jaguars’ EverBank Field or San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium.

Moving forward, the Blue-Grey Football Selection Committee will consider a number of different factors before making an all-important decision on invites to the All-American Bowl. Stay tuned. 

About the Author

Sean Ceglinsky is the Media Director for Blue-Grey Football and calls home Los Angeles (CA), while often times, working on the road from Dallas (TX) and Boston (MA). He’s covered sports on the national level for the likes of ESPN, CBS and 247Sports, among many others, for the better part of the past 20 years. Follow him on social media via Twitter (@SeanCeglinsky) or he can be reached via email (media@bluegreyfootball.com).


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